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kraft paper rope in a paper rope product
- 2017-01-20-

& nbsp; & nbsp; Kraft paper rope is twisted with kraft paper rope. Kraft paper rope - the principle of the first large roll of kraft paper first cut into small pieces of paper, put the good paper into the twisted rope machine, like rubbing hemp rope through the machine twisted, long paper was twisted Become a long rope. Can be determined according to the size of the rope to be cut into a wide range of paper.

& nbsp; & nbsp; kraft paper rope is made of imported all wood pulp paper made of high quality kraft paper rope. The use of kraft paper rope: kraft paper rope is mainly used in packaging products, such as paper bags, gift bundles, product packaging.

Kraft paper rope in addition to packaging, but also widely used in furniture manufacturing, interior decoration, auto parts and other fields.

& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; kraft paper rope Description: Kraft rope refers to the production of handicrafts for the paper rope, Dawn paper rope production process all the use of high quality wood pulp paper and imported leather, Shares, shares, including wire and other styles.

& nbsp; & nbsp; kraft paper rope features: kraft paper rope because most of the knitting for the crafts, repeated bending more often, will generally use solid paper rope. Solid paper rope is inside and outside the paper rope all the use of uniform color, made of paper. Even in the weaving process some loose rope, it will not affect the paper rope visual effects. Kraft paper rope is mainly used in handicrafts weaving, such as: box, screen, shoe rack, basket, grass backpack, pet baskets, baskets, fruit plates, lanterns, etc., and so on. The And some for the tag, electronic toys, gift packaging and other fields.

& nbsp; & nbsp; kraft paper rope Scope:

Chemical raw materials, food, pharmaceutical additives, building materials, supermarket shopping, clothing and all applicable to the kraft paper bag packaging industry.