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An important role in the packaging and printing industry
- 2017-02-13-
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a paper rope in the packaging and printing industry In the rapid growth of the economy today, environmentally friendly new materials, new technology inexhaustible emerged, making green packaging, green printing has gradually become a realistic choice.

Paper packaging non-toxic, tasteless, breathable, good printability, not only recyclable, even a small amount of burned material in the natural scene can be natural differentiation. Paper products packaging has become a green packaging products. For the packaging and printing industry, the necessary accessories - paper rope, whether it is as a paper bag handle or packaging strapping, a paper rope with a good pull, flexible wear resistance and environmental protection, making it indispensable packaging and printing industry An important part. A paper rope with many years of production technology and experience, with well-equipped, complete structure, the system mature rope production line, to produce packaging and printing industry to adapt to the paper belt, paper hand rope, rope, Kraft paper rope, single rope, and so on environmental protection paper rope.