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Paper cord safety production process and standard for needle cords manufacturers
- 2017-01-20-
Needle Threads Process and standard: & nbsp; & nbsp;

The production of a total of five processes: cut paper, rope, rope, drying, wrist. 1: Cut the paper production staff to be familiar with the understanding of the performance of various paper and quality, the main types include (1) 2: the production staff in accordance with the requirements of the production manager to cut out the appropriate specifications of the paper....... 3: paper damage occurs, free to tear up damaged paper, such as can not handle the paper must be reported to the production manager in charge, cut out the waste paper to be unified custody, Do not arbitrarily discard and burn. 4: cut out the paper according to the provisions of the area put away, not free to arbitrarily change and change the placement area.

1: the production staff must be familiar with the specifications of various products, and according to the corresponding specifications with the specifications............ Than paper. 2: the production process in accordance with the production requirements with the corresponding head, in the production manager with a good paper after the start of the formal production.... Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp;

3: the beginning of the production, the first slow down the speed, with the ruler to detect the rope in line with the production requirements of roughness, and there is no other unqualified circumstances, in order to fully produce ; If the roughness does not meet the requirements of the need to exchange paper, until the standard can be produced. 4: production staff in the production process at any time to adjust the size of the paper and the size of the water to ensure that the product qualified and beautiful.... 5: After the completion of the production of the machine can be completely stopped to remove the paper rope, remove the paper rope to do the production staff to mark, and placed in the appropriate location, not Mixed. Standard specifications are as follows: wrist paper rope for the 3.5CM paper rope, paper rope range is 3.4-3.6CM; cable rope is produced according to the corresponding order, the standard (2) Is X-0.1CM ---- X + 0.1CM. 1: Install the roller to the machine according to the production requirements and check whether the roller is in accordance with the requirements of the manufacturer. Page 3 & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp;

There are unqualified circumstances, such as whether the thickness is uniform, whether there is damage, whether the surface defacement. If there is a failure to report to the competent management. 2: the production process in case of knot, the knot cut, the rope on the rope head, and with a transparent tape wrapped around the side for the qualified. 3: Due to the special treatment of the cable rope joints, the production staff according to the training process requirements to do the appropriate treatment. & Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; 4: lead the roller placed in the corresponding area, shall not use any way to defuse the paper rope, the violation of those who do the appropriate punishment. 1: with a moisture meter to measure the moisture of the rope, did not meet the requirements of the unified drying treatment....... 2: in the drying cycle of the drying process, each time with a hygrometer test until qualified. 3: in the production process should pay attention to the clean and complete protection of the work of the rope. & Nbsp; Humidity standard: white wire 20 degrees below qualified, more than 25 degrees for the unqualified. Kraft paper rope 27 degrees below qualified, more than 30 degrees for the unqualified. 1: the production staff in the production before the machine power, to ensure that the plastic melted before they can begin production.

2: according to the production requirements of production, at the same time in accordance with the standard process operation, to ensure the production of qualified products. 3: In the production process, the production staff can not put the hand into the slider, can not touch the hot melt to prevent injury.

4: the production process to pay attention to the size of the glue at any time, the number of glue in the plastic machine, and may lead to the emergence of nonconforming products, at any time to adjust; Standard production process: ① Rong Glue ② wrist paper completely aligned, the ventilation pressure ③ to ensure that the glue does not overflow the case of glue, and then on the rope ④ ④ according to the speed of regulation for the size of the glue, to ensure the quality of the premise of less use of plastic to control costs ;