With the whole wood pulp made of paper after the equal part of the cut, is a custom length of the process of paper rope, more soft, tough. The general length of 1.8 - 3 meters, each about 300. Mainly used for handicrafts, most of the decorative arts and crafts. , imitation water grass paper rope two-color weaving imitation water grass rattan, width of 1cm, each volume of about 6 kg. Mainly used in antique, elegant rattan furniture, also used in high-end venue decoration, modern crafts weaving. 3 all products inside and outside the use of fine with the same color made of leather. Paper rattan product appearance smooth and compact, uniform size, tension super, each can withstand 30-45 kg weight. Specifically for modern rattan furniture, it is fashionable, simple. 4 The paper is wrapped with a different color from the outer layer. Such as brown wrapped heart paper rope, the outer layer of brown kraft paper, which uses white kraft paper. Heart wrap is the most commonly used paper rope rope. In the case of the majority does not affect the product, the use of packet heart rope can reduce your costs. 5 paper inside and outside the same color made of paper, the cost is more expensive than the heartbeat cord. Its biggest feature is that no matter how the bending of the rope, it will not affect its overall color. For some of the more noble products or demanding products often use this solid paper rope. 6 is a kind of line shape of environmental fillers. General color no requirement, focusing on the length of the length of the paper rope, the diameter of the rope, soft, whether the water and so on. Applications are often: cable,">