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wrapping paper rope factory teach you to use kraft paper and rope to make gift parcel simple practice
- 2017-01-20-

& nbsp; & nbsp; Paper Rope core manufacturers teachings You make a gift wrap with kraft paper and a rope Simple approach

& nbsp; & nbsp; This job is no risk factor, but once you have completed the job, you will be very rewarding. There are two main ways to make a package: one is not any tape; there is a package is decorated very beautiful, this need to use adhesive tape to the interface. If you give gifts to others or send something to express their own ideas, these two types of parcel production can do their job - because the parcel to someone else a pleasure to open the gift, although a bit old-fashioned. The easiest way you both can be used with tape to put a good package volume, it can also make the package look more in a beautiful way, without the use of a rope.

In the method we introduced, the required materials are kraft paper and rope. These two in the general post office or stationery shop can buy.

Put the things you want to mail on kraft paper, cut the paper for the size of this thing. Kraft paper is best to set aside more than twice the height of the item, more than three times the width of the area. Multi-point is not a waste, if there is no remaining, you can later cut off, but if the paper has been cut less, it can not make up for.

If you use tape, you can save a little paper. Put the things to be packaged in the center of kraft paper, the two sides of the paper folded, while suppressing the other side, with a sticky tape. If your request for crease is high, this method will make you satisfied, because it looks beautiful.

more time at the junction. Each side are folded inward into a duckbill shape, as shown below. This is not the way people often use folding triangles, but this method is better.

folded on both sides of the "duckbill" were neatly folded, do not need to use tape bonding, it can be so loose. When you are in the top of the rope, the previous good crease will be very good to help you put the "duckbill" folded together.

Now say the law of the rope. Rope to cut a little longer, about 90 to 120 cm. Reason and cut the same time, if the rope is long you can cut short. From the end of the knot to the end of the line, the rope ends are wrapped around the other side of the package, and then as shown below the rope cross, rotate 90 degrees, and then the two sides of the rope and then back to the original One side, stay in the middle of the rope where you start around the site. You can find someone to help you hold the knot to prevent the knot from loosening.

Before knotting it is best to first rope system, so that the package can be wrapped more tight, more solid.

At this point, if the paper folded after the mouth in the parcel below, wrapped neatly wrapped, then you do very well.

The only bad thing about this method is that the intersection of the rope just blocks the address you wrote. There is a way for the rope to not block the address, but this method will use some tape, in addition, it can also be used to prevent the mouth of the mouth tilt.

This time you can not start from the middle of the package, from the end of the package. At the bottom of the parcel, start around from the side. This method is very easy to use the rope you cut, so if you use this method, we recommend the rope cut 150 cm long.

Now start wrapping around the wrapped rope, this is not in the middle of the cross, but in three quarters of the cross. Circle around, until the rope runs out, and finally in the four corners of the corner of a knot. As shown below, the two sides are not tied with a rope, but this approach will make you do the package is very tight very strong, and will not block the place where you write the address.


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