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paper rope wholesale manufacturers paper rope in the packaging and printing industry in the important role
- 2017-01-20-

& nbsp; & nbsp; / Strong> Manufacturers of paper rope in the packaging and printing industry in the important role of

& nbsp; & nbsp; In the rapid economic growth today, environmental protection of new materials, new technology inexhaustible, Packaging, green printing has gradually become a realistic choice. Paper packaging non-toxic, tasteless, breathable, good printability, not only recyclable, even a small amount of burned material in the natural scene can be natural differentiation. Paper products packaging has become a green packaging products. For the packaging and printing industry, the necessary accessories - paper rope, whether as a paper bag handle or packaging strapping, paper rope with good tension, flexible wear resistance and environmental protection, making it indispensable packaging and printing industry important section. Dawn paper rope with years of production technology and experience, with well-equipped, well-structured, mature system of paper rope production chain, to produce packaging and packaging industry to adapt to the rope handle, process paper rope, pull the paper rope, Paper rope, Rafi grass paper rope, side paper rope and other environmentally friendly paper rope.

Paper rope for environmental paper bags, as a paper bag handle, comfortable and beautiful and environmentally friendly. Businessmen and young women consumers more and more environmentally friendly as a fashion, and as people's awareness of environmental protection, paper bag printing green environmental protection printing has become the inevitable trend of development of packaging and printing industry. Shopping malls in the supermarket and other places, large international brands, small shops are used in general. Handicrafts are used to knit with paper rope, such as tissue boxes, tea boxes, hangers, hats, home furnishings and so on....

& nbsp; & nbsp; & lt; / RTI & gt; paper rope for rattan furniture, paper cord was first used in furniture in the UK in the 1920s. One of the best-selling chairs in the country is a Y-chair designed by Danish designer Hans J. Wegner, which is made of hand-woven three-piece paper rope. The overall chair is beautiful and easy to use. Dawn paper rope also produces paper for home decoration, can be used as decorative materials for walls, ceilings, flooring, TV wall and so on. Not only the appearance of natural elegance, and moisture-proof mold, widely used in hotels, families and other indoor places.

& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & lt; / RTI & gt; paper rope for packaging strapping, for the use of small pieces of paper or paper, or paper pull pearls to knot the packaging, not only durable, and environmentally friendly.

& nbsp; & nbsp; Paper rope for industrial filling, Dawn paper rope production of coarse paper rope, flammable paper rope for industrial filling areas. Such as filling cables, filled with steel, etc., with flammable safety is not the characteristics of fire.